Steer Clear of Re-Electing Scary Legislators

Working families in Iowa should steer clear of re-electing legislators who have demonstrated a scary commitment to putting special interests before hardworking Iowans. Here are a few examples of their terrifying anti-worker record:

Iowa Republicans cut unemployment benefits that kept Iowans afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, especially harming local construction workers who rev on seasonal work:
• Iowa Republicans lowered the states maximum length for unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 16, putting Iowa among the states with the lowest unemployment benefits in the nation. Most states offer up to 26 weeks, while only a few offer 16 weeks or fewer.
• To add insult to injury, Republicans made it so that workers experiencing temporary unemployment have to accept a low-pay job and simply suffer the financial consequences.

Iowa Republicans lowered workers pay and benefits:
• Iowa Republicans have used their statewide legislative power to repeal minimum wage increases approved by a number of Iowa counties, including Polk, Johnson, Lin and Wapello counties. Republicans have also made it so that cities and counties cannot take local action on paid family leave or other conditions of employment.
• As a result of the Iowa GOP’s attacks. Iowa’s minimum wage has remained at $7.25, among the lowest in the nation, and working families have fewer benefits and workplace protections.

Iowa Republicans gutted collective bargaining rights:
• Iowa Republicans gutted collective bargaining rights so that most public employees are unable to bargain for insurance, hours, vacations, holidays, overtime pay, or health and safety measures – unless their employer agrees to negotiate over those terms

Iowa Republicans gutted workers compensation:
• Iowa Republicans reduced workers compensation benefits and shielded employers from penalties and legal costs.